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Medical Testing

Richards Laboratories provides the medical community with rapid microbiology testing with the culture set-up done in-office. With our microbiology service we provide (1) all microbiology supplies necessary to set up cultures at no charge, (2) training of the physician's staff in the simple procedures for preparing culture for incubation, and (3) a microbiologist who comes into the office each day to pick up the cultures from the previous day and leave results. The microbiologist maintains any quality control or proficiency testing at our laboratory. This process greatly shortens the time required to identify and therefore, treat the pathogenic organisms. Our service provides a system wherein all preliminary results are available at 24 hours (one working day) and most final results and susceptibilities in 48 hours (or two working days). This compares with a much longer turnaround time for other private laboratories or hospital, which can sometimes be 5 to 7 days. This aspect is one of the great values and selling points of our service.

Richards Laboratories provides the best solution in microbiology to physicians, clinics, small hospitals and laboratories. A registered microbiologist is available, with whom the physician can maintain close contact and receive technical information. With the majority of tests set up in the physician's office, the problem of lost specimens or mix ups is alleviated.

In addition to routine microbiology testing, Richards Laboratories also offers other tests including Herpes, Chlamydia, mycology and parasitology. These tests are transported by our microbiologist to the Richards Laboratories Home Office, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, where qualified technologists perform the tests.